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  • The IB Diploma Programme higher level music course seeks to develop students’ knowledge and potential as musicians, both personally and collaboratively.
  • Students are required to study musical perception and actively listen to a wide range of music from different parts of the world, musical cultures and time periods.
  • They also develop aural perception and understanding of music by learning about musical elements, including form and structure, notations, musical terminology, and context.
  • Through the course of study, students become aware of how musicians work and communicate.
  • Enjoy lifelong engagement with the arts
  • Become informed, reflective and critical practitioners in the arts
  • Understand the dynamic and changing nature ofthe arts
  • Explore and value the diversity of the arts across time, place and cultures
  • Express ideas with confidence and competence
  • Develop perceptual and analytical skills
  • Develop their knowledge and potential as musicians, both personally and collaboratively.
  • Musical perception
  • Creating
  • Solo performing
  • Group performing

    • What is the function of music? Is this the same throughout the world, time and place?
    • To what extent does music reflect the values, beliefs and attitudes of the time and place in which it is made?
    • To what extent can the music of one culture be understood by others?
    • To what extent does the work of the musician influence an existing culture? To what extent does an existing culture influence a musician working within it?
    • What makes an artistic piece “great”? Does this vary within and across time and culture?
    • Can it be said that one musical scale is more natural than another?
    • To what extent does the knowledge gained in a musical performance differ from other types of knowledge?

    Listening paper
    Five musical perception questions

    Musical links investigation
    A written media script of 2,000 words or less, investigating the significant musical links between two or more pieces from distinct musical cultures

    Written Task
    At least three written task based on course material, submitting one for external assessment

    Creating and performing
    Creating: three pieces of coursework with recordings and written work
    Solo performing: A recording selected from pieces presented during one or more public performances

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