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Literature and performance

  • The IB DP literature and performance course is an interdisciplinary synthesis of language A and theatre.
  • It incorporates essential elements of literature and performance and aims to explore the dynamic relationship between the two.
  • At the heart of the course is this interaction between (i) a conventional literary emphasis on close reading, critical writing and discussion and (ii) the practical, aesthetic and symbolic elements of performance. A distinctive outcome of this synthesis is the performance of a piece transformed from poetry or prose.
  • The course as whole examines literary and dramatic texts and seeks to develop intellect, imagination and creativity. It encourages intercultural awareness through a study of texts from more than one culture
  • Equip students with the skills to explore critically and imaginatively a range of literary texts and performance possibilities
  • Develop in students the ability to articulate their responses to literature and performance in a variety of styles and contexts
  • Introduce students to a range of performance skills
  • Broaden the perspectives of students through the exploration of texts from differing cultures, periods and genres
  • Foster a personal and passionate engagement with literature and performance, and by so doing guide students towards a better understanding of themselves and the world

Part 1: Critical study of texts
Part 2: Exploration of the chosen approach to the text
Part 3: Realization of texts in performance


    • Is a work of literature enlarged or diminished by interpretation and performance? What makes something a good or bad interpretation or an effective performance
    • How important is form in literature and the theatre?
    • In what ways does the transformation of a text into another medium alter its meaning?
    • What knowledge of literature and theatre can be gained by focusing attention on its social, cultural or historical context?
    • How important is the study of literature and theatre in personal/ethical development? In what ways?
    • What constitutes good evidence within the study of literature and performance?

    Paper 1: Prose and performance
    One essay from a choice of three questions concerned with issues involved in dramatizing a novel.

    Paper 2: Poetry
    One comparative essay from a choice of six questions.

    Written Coursework: Major playwrights in performance
    One piece of writing that incorporates critical analysis of the realization of an extract or a series of linked extracts from a play, as well as reflection on the student’s performance in a staged interpretation of it.

    Performance and individual oral presentation
    One performance during the course which must be a transformation based on one or more of the poetry and prose texts studied.

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